Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Windows Vista doesn't support Itunes

So i just upgraded to vista. I love it, its fast smooth and aero is pretty cool. My one gripe so far is...itunes isn't supported. Well it is and it isn't. You can play music. But for some reason i can't authorize my computer to play all my purchased stuff. I sent apple an email explaining my situation. I told them everytime i clicked a purchased song to play it would ask me to authorize it. So I would put in my password. It would say authorize succesful. Then i'd click to play, and it would just ask me to authorize it again. There response

"Dear Nick,I understand you are having some trouble authorizing your computer to play your purchases after you installed Windows Vista.Unfortunately, the iTunes application does not currently support Windows Vista. To use iTunes, your PC must meet the Windows system requirements listed on the iTunes download page: hopes to have a Vista-compatible version of iTunes available soon, and will update the iTunes download page when it does.The sales and service policies for the iTunes Store are available here:, KeviniTunes Store Customer Support"

So vista is cool, as long as you don't mind loosing all your purchased music, tv shows, and movies...